Fantasian Kingdoms

Fantasian Kingdoms looks like a very interesting game, and they are one of the more interesting sponsors of my Buy Me a Lego campaign.

From the homepage:

Fantasia is a distant planet ruled by a mysterious race known as Fantasians. This planet is stuck in constant turmoil due to the magical force hidden deep within it’s core. This magic causes all Fantasians to be aggressive and violent in an attempt to feed the evil’s desire for souls. This is where you must take control of a small Province, and lead your people to victory over everyone else.

I’ve only played for a little bit, but I’ll try to give a decent description. It’s a multiplayer real-time strategy game that takes place over many, many hours. Just poking through the options, there are so many things to do. You’ve got military, buildings, wars, laws, research, mining, spies, diplomacy, markets, and more.

Here’s the cool thing, though: the game is completely on-line. No downloads of any type required. Best of all: it’s completely FREE. No monthly costs, no one-time costs.

Once completing the free registration, I was taken to a screen where I could control my province. Here’s where it is on the world map:dharvia It’s just a tiny little place amid a huge world. Once started, I got my scientists researching new building and military techniques, as well as exploration and building.

Fun stuff. Go check them out if you’re on the lookout for new, independent games.

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  1. Beowulf

    Hey, thanks for the positive… mention? Review? Whatever it is. Too bad you didn’t play longer than a day. FK sure could use active players. 🙂

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