Would you rather…

be able to read minds (anyone’s around you. Selectively. You aren’t forced.)

– OR –

be the smartest person in the world (in any field, you’re a genius)

…a question my wife and I pondered as we cleaned the house the other day…

3 thoughts on “Would you rather…

  1. Yana

    That is hard. Both are asking to know too much, in their own way. My instinct is to go with being a genius in every field (if EVERY is what you mean by ANY). Knowledge is power. Though I think too much of it can make one nuts.

    Reading minds might be useful, but destructive and fear-inducing. Especially since it may be that you can read minds all day, but don’t have an iota of power to change them. THAT knowledge might not necessarily be power.

  2. Eric

    If you can read minds you don’t have to be the genius, you just have to find the genius and read their mind

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