Monthly Archives: October 2008

I’m a PC

Judging, by the blogosphere’s reaction, I’m one of the few people who liked the Gates-Seinfeld ads by Microsoft. They were odd, sure, but it got people thinking, talking, going WTF? – and that can’t be bad.

But I definitely like the I’m a PC ads better. I was at the company meeting when they debuted, and they immediately sparked a rumble in the audience—a positive one.

The cool thing is you can upload your own picture or video with your “I’m a PC” acting debut.

There are some interesting ones: a guy singing in the shower, for instance. Steve Ballmer’s is worth a look.

The greatest thing about these ads, though, is that they essentially take all the wind out of the obnoxious Apple ads that have been on for years.

My universe rebalances

Do you ever get the feeling that when things are going too well, something has to give?

I think sometimes the universe decides it needs to humble you, remind you just how thin the thread is from which we all hang. Months of comparative ease and happiness demand a balance.

Yesterday, we were rebalanced. Now, I realize that our misfortunes pale in comparison the suffering that many peoples of world undergo daily, never mind the financial turmoil we’re going through at the moment.

In fact, the individual events that happened to us aren’t really all that notable—it’s the juxtaposition that is suspicious.

We were out yesterday at an event and when we tried to leave, our car did not start. The gas was low (my wife was happy to remind me that she mentioned that we should have filled up the previous night), but I didn’t really think that was it. Still, one of our newly-made friends runs home to get gas, but the nozzle is made for a lawnmower, not a car, so it doesn’t reach. Someone else goes home to get a funnel. We put 3 gallons in there—just to be certain. It still doesn’t start. First impressions are wonderful, aren’t they? (at least they don’t think I’m an idiot for running out of gas). The car eventually gets towed to a local garage (turns out it’s a bad ignition coil).

When we get home, we set up a little of the furniture we’ve gotten for our house—we decide it doesn’t look nearly so good as we thought—this is demoralizing, to say the least.

Then I foolishly put something into the dishwasher that had been covered with soap (from the move). Next time I walked into the kitchen, the floor was covered with bubbles. Fun.

To end the day, I noticed that a screw was coming out of my glasses and I take it out to try to reseat it. Oops. 90 minutes later I got it back in.


Today was better, though.

I’ve got some blog topics planned—it’s just been too hectic to have time to write lately. I didn’t even have a computer desk until yesterday, and it still doesn’t have a computer under it. Maybe today…

On the importance of having a good haircut

Note to future self: Don’t get haircut the week before important events take place.

After my last day of work at GeoEye, I went to get my haircut at a nearby salon. I asked for it a little shorter. Between the time I gave this brief instruction, and the time she lifted her hands to my head, a seismic, cosmic, interrupting event took place that transformed my words into: “Kindly shave my head, I have no need of hair. Please don’t ask for confirmation.”

At least, that’s what I assume happened. Before I could say anything, an electric razor had taken quite a bit off the top. It wasn’t to the skin–thank goodness. But I was on my way to a whole new look.

It was too late to fix it, so I went with it.

The next day we flew out to Seattle to look for housing with our new realtor. I had to excuse myself for looking like a skinhead.

Of course, the next Monday I started at Microsoft and had my badge picture taken. That one will be alive for a while…

And my drivers license…

And all the pictures of my wife and I in a new location…