Top 10 Reasons Why I’m Excited to Work at Microsoft

My last post was well and good (definitely read the comments), but I think I should be serious about my new employer because I really am excited to work there. Here are some reasons why:

  1. The opportunity to work with people smarter than me. The chance to meet some of the people I admire in the software community.
  2. The projects and technology under development always inspire me. Almost every event I’ve gone to has had me come away wanting to look into some other cool technology and thinking of the ways it can change the world.
  3. A real career path as a software engineer.
  4. Chance to change projects whenever I want. During my interviews, many people were quite open with me: they get bored with a project eventually and want to switch after two years or so. Microsoft’s culture easily allows this.
  5. Compete with Google. Google needs some real competition. Just as Firefox lit a fire under the IE team, MS needs to light a fire under Google.
  6. The benefits are awesome. They truly treat you well.
  7. They are extremely open on telecommuting.
  8. How many companies can you work at where your stuff affects so many people? There aren’t that many…
  9. The challenge. I love challenges. I love learning new things, and working hard to solve problems. Challenges are how you grow.
  10. The area. Beautiful country. Cheaper than DC. The rain.

What will be more interesting is to compare this list with what I come up with in a year.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Why I’m Excited to Work at Microsoft

  1. Maureen

    I’m a software developer too and would love to work for Microsoft.
    Good luck there and hope you keep the blog updated about what projects you are working on and what you are learning.

  2. Patrick

    Ok wait. Wait. Wait. Ok.

    Ben, did you move out to Seattle from the DC area?

    I just accepted a position at Microsoft as well – it’s somewhat surreal to read over your blog posts on the subject because my experience has been so similar to yours – and now you’re comparing Seattle to DC – I’m moving from DC to Seattle as well!

    Pretty crazy 🙂

    So, when is your start date?

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