Daily Archives: June 26, 2006

Bose headphones

I received many wonderful gifts for my birthday, but these in particular have helped me at work in a way nothing else has.

I listen to music constantly as a program–it helps me concentrate and eliminates all other distractions. 

They really do work as well as I expected–maybe even better. I work in a pretty noisy environment–the hum of airconditioning, computers, and people is constant. These take it all away. I don’t get ear fatigue because the volume is lower than I usually had it, and the cuffs fit around the ears, not on them. The A/C sound is completely gone, and people sound like they’re far away, even if talking right next to me. I’ve heard things in many songs that I’ve never heard before, especially at the end of some tracks when the last vibrations of an instrument are fading out–you can hear every last bit, and it’s wonderful!