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I finally logged back into my flickr account and uploaded some recent photos from an evening trip to Mercer Island. It was around sunset, the light was beautiful, and I had about two hours to myself to just shoot what I could.

This hand was part of many holding a chain along some docks. The sunset was truly beautiful, but it was difficult to find a decent vantage point._DSC4424, given the people at the beach and the many trees. For more photos, check out my flickr stream.

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2 thoughts on “More Photos

  1. Ammon

    Hey, your Bing search widget is running outside of the column margins. Just thought you’d like to know. I’d love to hear more about your project, if you’re allowed to write about it.

  2. Ben Post author

    I’m not seeing that in either Firefox or IE8–what browser are you using? Can you send me a screen shot?

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