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More Photos


I finally logged back into my flickr account and uploaded some recent photos from an evening trip to Mercer Island. It was around sunset, the light was beautiful, and I had about two hours to myself to just shoot what I could.

This hand was part of many holding a chain along some docks. The sunset was truly beautiful, but it was difficult to find a decent vantage point._DSC4424, given the people at the beach and the many trees. For more photos, check out my flickr stream.

A DC Video Production Company

Here’s a shout-out to “Memories in Motion”, Video Production Technology, a great videography and production company in the metro Washington, DC area. Frank also does great video work for the news wire service my wife works for. They were generous with a donation to my BuyMeALego campaign, and I wish them the best of luck.

If you need a video of a wedding, birthday, party, religious events, reunions, live music, or any other event in the DC area, please go look them up. There are some sample pics and screengrabs at the site.

Washington, DC / Baltimore photographer

Thibeaux Lincecum contributed to my Buy Me a Lego campaign and deserves some props. He’s a photographer local to Washington, DC / Baltimore and I enjoyed many of his photos. He’s got a lot of stuff with Burning Man, weddings, parties, and a ton of others. I liked the Montgomery County Fair photos, particularly this one. Very nice. So go check out his stuff.

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