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Goodbye newsletters, hello RSS

I used to subscribe to tons of CNet, TechRepulic, PCMagazine, and Builder.com newsletters, but as of today–no longer. I’ve been unsubscribing from them as I get them. Unfortunately for them, I didn’t really use their content so I’m not bothering to subscribe to their RSS feeds. Maybe in the future…

I am relying more on RSS, however, to keep me informed on the world (technical and otherwise). I’ve got about 80 feeds.

When considering the spam situation alone, RSS makes a lot of sense. Will RSS ever overtake e-mail as a personal communications medium? I’m not sure. The way it’s setup right now is a little awkward–I would have to create a private feed for each recipient, we need better tools for publishing to multiple feeds, targeting individuals.

Alexandria, Virginia has RSS Feeds available

My city of Alexandria, VA has a couple of RSS feeds available. They’re not much quite yet (DASH bus service notifications and city press releases), but there is the promise of more.

 What I’d like to see next? Daily crime reports and history and recreation news.

Alexandria also has a very impressive collection of online GIS applications that give you multiple views of the city.

It’s nice to see towns becoming more technologically adept, especially with their communications options. I already get some city news via e-mail, but I would prefer RSS.