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Encouraging child creativity

One of the most interesting sponsors to my Buy Me a Lego campaign is a company called Kidz Worxx.

They have a unified line of artwork-related items aimed at children. I think this is stuff my sister, who is an artist, would have loved as a kid.

From the site description:

A child friendly, easy to use system for creating, displaying, and preserving childhood treasures.
KidzWorxx is a line of products dedicated to nurturing children’s creativity and individuality. The fascination of self-expression begins that moment any child makes a mark on paper. Children are naturally creative and eager to share what they feel, think, and observe. Encouraging what they create through use of our products gives an important boost to their self-esteem.

They’ve got sketchpads, markers, frames, art storage mechanisms, and a lot more. Go check them out if you’re interested in some different kinds of art supplies for your kids.