Get a Free, Autographed Copy of C# 4.0 How-To!

To celebrate how well C# 4.0 How-To is doing, I’m going to give away two free copies of the book!

Here’s how it’s going to work:

1. Leave a comment on this post describing a project you’d like to build with C# 4.

2. I’ll pick two people from those comments at random.

(Make sure you enter your e-mail address where asked—it won’t be published to the blog, but I need it to contact you.)

I’ll leave the comments open for a while and I’ll update this post with the closing date.

Feel free to share a link to this blog post, tweet it, etc. If I get a lot of responses I may give away more.

Thanks to all those have already bought it!

UPDATE 18 May: I am going to close comments on Saturday morning (22 May) and pick the winners then. Thanks for commenting!

UPDATE 22 May: Comments are closed.

25 thoughts on “Get a Free, Autographed Copy of C# 4.0 How-To!

  1. Will W.

    I have only done some minor development with C# at work, but I would like to build a WPF app to track all of the dvd movies I have amassed over time. It seems like a project suited to help me learn WPF.

  2. Ovi Diaconescu

    I would like to use C# 4.0 to improve one of my current big projects based on the 2.0 .net version.
    Every day I work on new code where I’m dying to use the features I’m only playing with from 4.0 in test projects.

  3. Maarten Claes

    A multi layered project in .NET 4.0 with Silverlight 4 (UI) and WCF (communication)

    I like to learn and use the new feature!

  4. Wayne Riddle

    I’m looking at building a multi-user database system to track exercises by people. What exercises they did on what day, weights involved (if any), time required to complete, reps completed, etc. Then provide reporting information so a person could see how they are performing at exercise “X” over time. System would have a built in list of exercises to choose from, but with the ability to add your own.

  5. Cathal O'Connor

    I’d love this book as it would make me want to learn c# and to brag about how cool it is. I don’t use it yet because like a lot of people I assume it’s too hard and hopefully this book would prove me wrong

  6. Dennis D.

    I’d want to build an application that would be an educational system, taking advantage of the new Windows feature via the improvements in WPF 4.0. Basically, I am thinking of a system that could leverage the power of the cloud with the power of the client machine. C# 4.0 offers great support for multicore and parallel development, and I am sure that I can use these features to extend the existing capabilities, as well as add new ones and make the application even faster, more reliable and extensible.

  7. Brian L

    Transitioning from Java to C# 4, I really need to build two apps that share data; one to manage a service department and another to manage all rental equipment for a small company.

  8. Luís Teixeira

    I’d love to use some of the C# 4.0 new features in the data analysis program that I’m currently developing. This software is going to analyze data from several Virtual Reality sessions with users and present it in some new ways.

  9. Sonizci

    I like to develop web parts for my companies sharepoint sites, rrandom persons listing people relations and info from social sides.

  10. Dennis Sellinger

    I would like to implement The infrastructure that would allow our C# GIS system to be driven by a Work Management system. This would include a WCF service that would act as an (GoF) adapter to the work management system used by the customer. For customers who don’t have an existing work management system, I would like to be able investigate using the Window Workflow (WF) API to see if a simple system could be created to address simple (industrial) workflows.

    On the client side, we will need a snap-in architecture that integrates with our existing GIS system that would allow us to quickly implement work-driven GIS applications. This would include, for example, routine assent maintenance or customer connections for utility networks.

  11. Jessee

    I would like to build a mashup site that allows users to post in forums, have their own blog space and interact through social networks like facebook and twitter.

  12. marc krämer

    10 years of procedural programming was a nice time, but every try to learn a OOP Language (c++ / java) was not successfull for me. I never understand the essential concept.

    Since last year, as i tryed myself to learn c#. Now i am in love. I love .NET. I love mono. I love WPF and Windows Forms. I learned to love layered architectures, seperation of concerns and so much more.

    I develope a NNTP Binary Newsclient. It should be more usable as the common und technical perfect newsbin client. Since today i learn every day something new about C# and i’m very interested into every detail how to use and why i should use something.

  13. Sean Garrett

    next projects:
    – SilverLight/XNA game for Windows Phone 7.
    – WPF MEF financial analysis application.

  14. David Southall

    I plan refactoring our archaic data access methods out into fancy new sparkling .Net 4 modern methods.
    Believe me it needs it!

  15. James

    I tell you what I’d love to do – build a telemetry system for one of my motorbikes and have a .Net app for monitoring all the data. I’ll never do it as work is always far too busy but I’d love to. Then I could build a .Net application that I want to build (rather than what some other client wants) AND I could figure out how to go faster on my bike!!!!!

  16. Amr Ellafy

    C# 4.0 ! I’d like to see how dynamic this it is , enhancements to LINQ ,optional parameters, Dynamic and expando objects ! one copy here Mr. !

  17. Mike

    I’d like to develop a new dynamic public transport system with Silverlight 4. Give me copy sir!

  18. Jochen

    I want to build a Silverlight application – to showcase a set of photos / galleries. A slideshow app – which allows initial selection of a gallery and then go into slideshow mode with the option of using ken-burns effects for a more dynamic view of stills.

  19. Raza

    I want to build contextual applications addressing the next wave of semantic search and personal information management with an interactive user-facing features using C# 4.0 and MS Outlook API.

  20. Sameer Rafiq

    Haven’t program on C# much. Will try out the latest features and write a simple photo editing software.

  21. Aleksandra (Sasha) Royzen

    Got a lot of legacy code on my hands that needs to be upgraded STAT. Your book could be a huge help. Thanks!

  22. Erol

    Multilanguage and multisite webapplication gallery. Backend C# with superior (compared to flash and javafx) silverlight as frontend. Options to upload, cut, fix etc images with few clicks. Backend to store and monitor usage of images and discovering duplicates. And on top of that, everything is easily integrated into site with API.. nice 😀

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