Blog moving hosts this weekend

I looked at my site’s settings in Google’s webmaster center and it told me that my site was in the top 5% slowest sites on the Internet. Wow. That really sucks. I’m sorry, dear reader. In any case, this was the final straw, after a string of outages and other general unhappiness. So I’m moving on…

I hope to make this change with no downtime, but who knows who well that will work.

3 thoughts on “Blog moving hosts this weekend

  1. Mike

    You’re moving from where to where? I’m looking to host some sites and am trying to find a good home for them.

  2. Ben Post author

    I moved from HostForWeb to DreamHost. So far, I am really liking the DreamHost. The pages are definitely loading faster, the control panel is simpler and easier to use. No complaints whatsoever yet. HostForWeb started out great years ago for me, but lately there have been too many problems. I am paying a little more now, but that’s ok.

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