Microsoft Interview Experience – Summary

Some people (I’m looking at you reddit), have complained about the length of my interview story. So sorry. I wanted to document the entire experience, for myself as well as others, so I included a lot of detail. I know a lot of people enjoy it. There are plenty of shorter experiences out there, so how else am I supposed to distinguish myself? hmmmmm?

If you don’t want to read the 9-pages worth of material, I present this summary for your edification:

  • I wanted this job bad so I killed myself studying.
  • Microsoft takes good care of you.
  • Food.
  • Golly gee, they’re nice people. Smart too!
  • The interview lasted 9.5 hours and was both difficult and fun.
  • I got an offer. I accepted.

Thank you. Please resume your comments now. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Microsoft Interview Experience – Summary

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  2. Sam Norton

    Your original post was not too long. For goodness sakes, people, I can’t believe anyone complained about it.

    I enjoyed your original post, thanks for posting it, and good luck at Microsoft, I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Lai

    In you comments for the ‘long’ version, I found out that you write this ‘summary’ version. And I come to see….and I couldnt help laughing …. nice summary~haha

  4. George

    The earlier post wasn’t mad long at all. Maybe folks who complained about the “long version” should work on improving their reading speed.

    And congrats once again. Hard work always pays off. You deserve it.

    By the way, just curious…but do you get unlimited helpings of Pizza?

  5. Johnny

    Both the original post, and this one were great! Ignore those idiots who say they weren’t. Congrats!

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