Daily Archives: December 5, 2007

San Francisco Restaurants – Dining Guide

We have another sponsor! MyChoyce.com is a free dining guide for  the San Francisco area. And wow. It’s nice. I am really wishing something like this existed for the Washington, DC metro area. The site is attractive, easy to use. And they have menus! Awesome.

You can search and filter by food, services, location, price. I’ve used a few restaurant locaters, with varying results, but so far I like this one the best. If you live in the bay area, check them out. If you’re a restaurant owner–I would get onto this site fast.

Thanks to them for their sponsorship, and if you know somebody who would like a little bit of extremely affordable publicity, send them to BuyMeALego.com!

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Free Resume Review – Professional Service

I’ve mentioned Free Resume Review before, but I want to now mention their paid services. In addition to their free offerings, you can make a payment and get even more options and services, including:

  • Increased chances of securing employment. Our resumes have a high rate of success in landing interviews.
  • A contemporary, stylish, unique digital resume or cover letter.
  • A personalized resume or cover letter. No templates!
  • Free review of your new resume or cover letter as often as you like.
  • Confidentiality: Unlike some other sites, we will not share your personal information with anyone.
  • Personal contact and expert advice from a resume or cover letter professional.

Go check them out if your looking for resume advice, need a career change, or just want to see how your resume measures up. Also, thanks to them for sponsoring BuyMeALego.com!