Daily Archives: May 17, 2006

Unsupported Frameworks…

Programming with a framework that you’ve developed can be annoying, when you compare it to the ease of IDE-supported frameworks. MFC is a nice framework primarily because Visual C++ has so much built-in support for it.

My little framework has no such support (and I have no ambitions to build in IDE support for it) and that can make it frustrating to do all the repetitive stuff (making the initial window, message handling, for examples).

Another thing that MFC does that I want to avoid is make extensive use of macros. Macros are evil in my book. I’ve been bitten. I know they can be useful in limited circumstances, but MFC accomplishes a lot of its magic with macros. And unfortunately, that’s why it can sometimes be a problem–it becomes magic instead of straightforward code.



We miss our sweet Esha. She has really left a big empty spot in our house and in our hearts. This is how we will remember her; sitting in her favorite place; watching over the front garden.

2 Feb 1996 – 15 May 2006



Windows Media Player 11

The best media player just got better.

At work, I just downloaded the new version of Windows Media Player 11 in beta. From what little I’ve used it, it’s a HUGE improvement.

One potential thing I slightly miss is that I can’t view albums in the left-hand “browser” and the tracks in the right-hand “content” view. This allowed me to easily move tracks to differently-named albums during editing. But maybe there is a way to do it, or a completely different technique altogether that works just as well.

Also, the readme notes that there are potential problems with IE7 Beta 2, which I have at home. I’ll give it a try anyway and blog my results.