Dear Blockbuster,

Our relationship has been a long one, but at long last the time has come to go our separate ways. I can’t say our relationship has been a happy one. I remember the long nights of walking up and down your aisles, looking in vain for a decent movie, only to return home empty-handed to watch something I already have.

But I’ve found someone new–someone who will give me the movies I want to see, the movies I can’t find in any of your stores–good movies. New movies, old movies, classics, thrillers, TV shows–anything I’ve ever wanted to see, but couldn’t fit in a store.

I’ve moved to NetFlix and I won’t look back. With nearly 80 movies in the queue and counting I’m looking forward to a good year or more of movies I haven’t seen.

2 thoughts on “Dear Blockbuster,

  1. Leticia


    How true; how true: Our break up with Blockbuster is long overdue. We have been loyal to it long enough. It looks like fair weather and blue skies with our new friend, though I sincerely hope for better times for the old one.

  2. Alix

    OOH ! I’m so tempted to sign up for that over here! You think Blockbuster is lame – you should see what NSA here has! And there are so so so many old movies that I need to see…

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