Golden Days

Yesterday was a golden day. Everything I touched turned to gold. I solved all the problems that came up, fixed bugs right and left, and even figured out the root cause of a bug that’s been plaguing us for a month or so.

Some days are like that. I like days like this, because I feel like I’m on top of the world and that on the one hand, I’m not getting paid enough, but on the other it’s so fun I’d do it for free! (if any of my bosses are reading this, concentrate on the first part of that! 😉

Today was merely a silver day. Thankfully, nothing went wrong, and I did quite a bit of good stuff. Not quite golden. Maybe I should have a calendar and put gold and silver stars on the days. That’s probably a bit much. But I could have rust-covered frown-faces for those unspeakable days.

1 thought on “Golden Days

  1. Greg

    Ben you have a LOT of golden days – you were right about not getting paid enough so we tried to fix that at least one step at a time.

    thanks for all your hard work and solving problems – I know that sometimes they come too fast.

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