First billion dollar movie

With today’s large blockbuster movies (LOTR, King Kong, Spiderman, Chronicles of Narnia, Titanic) costing hundreds of millions of dollars to make, I wonder what will be the first movie to cost $1 billion to produce.

How will they recoupe the cost? When will it happen?

2 thoughts on “First billion dollar movie

  1. Alix

    Hello! I should visit your site more often. Kind of on the same note as your post here… Do you know how much it costs to put anything on broadway or anything now? It’s IMPOSSIBLE to put something on unless you have millions, (so you probably need a big cooporation backing you or something) and it takes years to recoupe the costs. That’s why Mel Brooks put on The Producers in the West end, in London, it was substantially cheaper. And MOM AND PAPA GOT TO SEE IT! How fair is that?!?!??! With Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderik… so not fair!

    Ok – I’m not gonna ramble any more. Gonna keep reading through all of your posts cause I haven’t been on your site in so very long.

  2. contender

    It’s already happened. The IMAX Space Shuttle Movies, if you count the cost of the Space Shuttle.

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