List<> vs. ArrayList

I read Rico Mariani’s latest quiz, and decided to check out the results for myself in BRayTracer.

I already have some simple performance benchmark tests in my NUnit tests, so I ran some before and after. I changed only the ArrayList’s used in the scene object to hold shapes, materials, and lights.


25.197 opaque spheres/sec (time: 3.969 )


31.841 opaque spheres/sec (time: 3.141 )

Pretty impressive savings with minimal work! Almost a full second! In an enormous scene, that will add up to a LOT of time saved. I still have to change the implementation for polygons and polygonal meshes–this will greatly speed up those operations, which are currently fairly slow. In fact, the way I have polygonal meshes written at the moment, they’re nearly impossible to render in a decent amount of time.

More exciting things coming to BRayTracer soon…