Cars and the Idiots who Own Them – Part II

Well, I took it in this morning for a full checkup. I should preface this with by saying that for the last month, and especially the last week or so, I’ve been feeling strongly that I needed to take the car in for a serious look. Things just felt different–and not better.

I left it this morning at 8, and at 11 they had a diagnosis–made worse by the fact that my Honda Care extended warranty had run out a few months ago. Basically, new CV joints, new engine mounts, oil change (I just tacked that on), and something else that was fairly expensive.

The mechanic told me that otherwise the car is in great shape. The good news is that this kind of work won’t need to be done for a while.

I should be leaving to pick it up in about 45 minutes or so…

1 thought on “Cars and the Idiots who Own Them – Part II

  1. Grandpa

    At first I interpreted new boots for the cv joints…this says new CV JOINTS! Is that so? Ouch! Does it drive a lot better now? Am sending you a new book to help ease some of the pain of thinking about cars! Love Grandpa

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