BRayTracer 0.7 Almost Finished

I’ve almost finished version 0.7 of my ray tracer. Here’s the (mostly complete) list of things I’ve worked on. Only two more to go!Version: 0.7


DONE get rid of Clone()
DONE fix cone inversion bug
DONE rendering changes property selection


DONE polygons should be double-sided if wanted, to stop light
DONE make RayTraceSettings static, and accessible all over–update objects to use epsilons
DONE cone doesn’t work appropriately for non-zero top radius
DONE something wrong with cone/cyl.
DONE backside normals of discs/polygons wrong?
DONE polygon meshes need to be completely refactored.


DONE add matrix
DONE add transformation base
DONE add transformation stack functionality
DONE cone

* let camera look at a specific point
* translucent materials


DONE custom type converters to edit vertices, colors as strings