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The hidden purpose behind private web browsers and history cleaners.

Does anybody else think that the real purpose behind the big movements in privacy, hiding web browsing habits, building anonymizers, and more… is really just a movement to allow everyone to view pornography without their SO’s finding out?

Come on, perhaps there really are people in a public library who need to look up an embarrassing medical question and don’t want the next user to spy on them and confront them about it, but let’s be honest–is that REALLY the motivation?

On a personal computer, what excuse is there really? To hide your browsing habits from your children? your spouse? What web sites are you visiting that your family shouldn’t know about? Maybe you should work on your honesty with them…

At work? I’ll cut a little slack here, but not much. You REALLY shouldn’t be browsing bad sites at work–that creates liability problems. On the other hand, maybe you have some dishonest coworkers who would stoop to spying on your habits…

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