C# 4.0 How-To now available for pre-sale!

csharp_howto_ben_watson For the last year, aside from starting a great job with Bing, I’ve also been working on a book about C# 4.0 and the upcoming .Net framework. The news: it is finally available for presale! This book is not your typical C# reference. It’s designed to be an easy guide to how to accomplish specific tasks, using a problem/solution approach. Some examples:
  • How to use P/LINQ (new in .Net 4!)
  • Override Equals and implement IEquatable<T> correctly
  • Enforce coding contracts (new in .Net 4!)
  • Convert numbers to strings in arbitrary bases
  • Various ways of rounding, including “snapping” to specific intervals.
  • Dynamic discovery of WCF services
  • Make your Silverlight 3 application run out-of-the-browser
  • Speed up array access
  • Easily split work among multiple processors
  • Localize WinForms, WPF, ASP.Net, and Silverlight apps

…and hundreds of other topics, covering everything from the basics of C# to WPF, ASP.Net, interaction with the operating system, common application patterns and more. I cover all the new stuff that’s in both the C# language and the .Net 4 framework classes, as well as existing functionality.

Each topic begins with a brief description of when/where/why you would need to use the technique, followed by a brief explanation and source code.

I often just want a reference I can quickly dive into to remind me of how something is done. This book is my attempt to put in writing what I find valuable, both when I was learning C# and now when I just need to locate a sample quickly.

Over the next few months I’ll talk more about what’s in the book, and hopefully get back into blogging more programming topics.

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1 thought on “C# 4.0 How-To now available for pre-sale!

  1. Ammon

    How incredibly exciting for you! Congrats on all your hard work paying off. What a tremendous milestone. If I was still writing (or even looking at) code these days I’d pick up a copy in a heartbeat.

    You should do a giveaway on your blog or Twitter to generate some buzz. Good luck with the sales.

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