LEGO Space Shuttle

ben-shuttle-01 Over the last year, I’ve (very slowly) been working on a LEGO model of a NASA Space Shuttle. It’s finally finished, or as much as it will be. I need to move onto other things now.

It’s about 38” long. I have no idea how many pieces—many thousands because every surface is tiled over. The flaps and rudder move and the cargo bay opens up to reveal a detailed interior.

You can see it on BrickShelf or MOCPages.

I’ve started thinking about my next model, but haven’t done anything beyond prototyping. I’ve got other projects at the moment, so it will probably be a long time before it’s done.

7 thoughts on “LEGO Space Shuttle

  1. Ben Post author

    I had not considered selling it, but I wouldn’t refuse an appropriate offer. I would have to figure out a price, but it would definitely be in the 4-digit range.

  2. Wayne

    Very nice. I would like to contact you regarding permission to duplicate and any additional construction details you could provide. I can just picture this sitting on top of an NXT cotrolled crawler. Yes, my time would be settled for years.

  3. Ben Post author

    Wayne, you are certainly welcome to duplicate this model in any way if you like. However, I don’t have any construction plans, per se–just photos.

  4. Wayne

    Thanks. Any construction photos above what you have already published. You have already completed the superb job of scaling and worked out the nitty gritty on how to build the model. A shame to have to re-invent the wheel. It would also make the reverse engineering task a lot easier.
    I have completed preliminary investigations for the crawler, it is going to be a monster. It has to be the same scale after all.

  5. Harold

    Wow, very impressive! My wife bought me the Space Shuttle(#10213) last year and after a lot of procrastinating, we almost have it finished. Just in time for the final shuttle mission, albeit that was not planned! I forgot how addicting lego is!

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