Announcing Buy Me a Lego

So I’ve resorted to desperate measures. 🙂

I’ve started a small experiment/campaign to raise the cash for a Lego Millenium Falcon. But I am making it worth people’s while. Whoever donates gets a link from the page to their own site.

The way it works is:

* for 65 cents, I put a link to their blog on the site.

* for $2 I ALSO mention them on this blog.

* for $10 I will put up a banner ad.

Will it work? I think so. Links to sites are worth it. It can help boost traffic. This blog isn’t super-popular, but it’s growing larger and has quite a bit of traffic every day. I think the site I just setup will get dugg or slashdotted one of these days.

So head over to and contribute! Thanks!