Still No Silver Bullet…

Much is being made lately about vulnerabilities in Mac OS X, and various people are either haughtily dengrating the Mac while others are pooh-poohing the results with bad logic.

All of the ridiculous claims of “My OS is [better | more secure | safer] than your OS” is getting old. All these problems really do is serve to show us that, once again, that there really is no silver bullet in software design.

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2 thoughts on “Still No Silver Bullet…

  1. Alix

    I like how you redid your website – it’s all purdified! (and so many men would be afraid to have a pink website 🙂
    KIDDING! Its not totally PINK, it’s very fall-y – and it does look good. Course, you probaly redid this AGES ago and I just now went back on your site to look at it…

  2. pepethecow Post author

    Yeah, I don’t know if the pink is going to stay. It’s not really pink, though. More like tan. I had to change the theme when I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress because the theme I was using caused an infinite loop and all the stories were continually printed on the first page!

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